SAMPLE REPAIRS~ a couple of before and after repairs

ladies_before_and_aft.jpgIn the photograph of the Robert Land woman's shoes in the photo on the right, the shoe on the left is shown in its newly-repaired condition while the other is showing its age of 12 years.

With a little Cunningham cobbling magic, these ladies' shoes appear as though barely worn, thereby saving the owner the cost of a new purchase. The owner of these shoes said she was thrilled with the results achieved by Mr. Cunningham.

Notice when we turn these shoes over that the soles are hand-pegged. The newly-repaired mid-nineteenth century reproduction shoe is shown on the right in the photo. This pair of shoes is just like new again! Nothing beats the feel of a favorite pair of shoes that's been given new life!   bottom_b4_and_aft.jpg


Fortunately, most shoes can be repaired, but the price you paid for them originally does not  guarantee that.  Just ask. Many people are surprised to find out their very expensive pair of shoes cannot be repaired while a "cheaper" pair can be made like new or better.

Whether you've paid a lot of money for your shoes or picked up a steal at the local thrift store, you want them to last a while. A cobbler can make a favorite pair of boots or shoes like new.

 A customer brought in a pair of Carhartt boots that needed new bottoms. He was quite pleased that his favorite pair of boots could be repaired quickly and without much expense.

Take a look at the before and after pictures.

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